IFPBM invited to present at the International Symposium of Patient Blood Management in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, November 30, 2017

The International Symposium of Patient Blood Management 2017, hosted by the Korean Society for Patient Blood Management (KPBM), will be held in Seoul, South Korea 1-2 December 2017.

Dr. Young-Woo Kim, President of the KPBM and also an IFPBM Scientific Associate, states, “since the foundation of KBPM in 2014, we have brought people together to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of treatment with blood products in patient management.” He added, “this symposium will provide great opportunities to share experiences and the latest academic information in the Patient Blood Management field.”

Included among the international experts on Patient Blood Management who will give lectures at this symposium are Prof. Donat Spahn from the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, Prof.Aryeh Shander from the Englewood Hospital & Medical Center, USA and Prof. Toby Richards from the University College of London, UK. IFPBM Director, A/Prof. Axel Hofmann, from the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, will deliver the opening address of the symposium entitled “Patient Blood Management: Has the paradigm shifted?”

The full program for the International Symposium of Patient Blood Management in South Korea may be viewed at www.isopbm.org.