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The International Foundation for Patient Blood Management is a multi-faceted organization whose core purpose is to improve patient safety and outcomes through optimal Patient Blood Management.

Our charter is to establish and organize a professional network of well-published international key opinion leaders in the field of Patient Blood Management.

The Foundation’s aim is to improve patient outcomes by promoting, expanding and improving evidence-based Patient Blood Management in clinical practice. Driven by the world’s leading PBM experts and grounded in scientific validation and evidence-based practice, the foundation promotes education and training in PBM to enable change.


Managing PBM knowledge through targeted, continuous and organized dissemination of newly emerging PBM evidence to relevant audiences in multiple languages, including articles, studies, peer-reviewed clinical algorithms, procedures, protocols, decision-making support tools and guidelines and through creating such or similar materials and tools from the available evidence.


Generating PBM knowledge through the identification of unmet patient needs and knowledge gaps related to PBM, prompted by the design and/or facilitation of corresponding research activities and the peer-reviewed publication of its results.


Transferring PBM knowledge through the development of continuous medical education (CME) modules, post- and undergraduate curricula, educational tools such as videos and e-learning tools, lectures, seminars and symposia with a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional and multi-lingual team of international PBM experts.


Implementing or supporting the implementation of PBM at institutional levels and in state-wide government initiatives and programs.


Consulting other professional medical societies and organizations, public institutions, NGOs and public health authorities in all PBM-related matters.


Pooling PBM knowledge through a regularly updated online searchable database of peer-reviewed PBM-related articles and materials for relevant audiences, including but not limited to clinicians, hospital administrators and public health authorities.

Network with IFPBM

The International Foundation for Patient Blood Management is the world focus for Patient Blood Management knowledge.

The Foundation provides the knowledge and resources to assist patients, health professionals and organisations to understand and implement Patient Blood Management successfully.

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