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Mr. Stuart Swain

Mr. Stuart Swain

Director, HealthBench Pty Ltd

Stuart has over 20 years experience in the health industry, working across a diverse range of departments and projects. His career began as an Information Technology professional, initially in network and systems administration before moving on to develop client information system software.

Since 2006, Stuart has specialised in hospital analysis, healthcare Business Intelligence, and designing innovative reporting solutions to meet the crucial information requirements of clinicians. He was responsible for building the South Metropolitan Health Service clinical activity data warehouse, an extensive repository of inpatient, outpatient and ED data used for operational and strategic reporting, activity based funding and management, research, and analysis purposes.

He recently developed the Western Australian Patient Blood Management data system, which is a world first and has been presented internationally to wide acclaim.

Stuart has a unique ability to bridge the “translation gap” between Information Technology and the operational business, possessing advanced technical, analytical, business, and communication skills. He has presented at state and national conferences on Activity Based Funding and Patient Blood Management, developed and delivered training courses, and has particular interest in using data to drive clinical reform leading to improved patient outcomes.

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  • Perth, WA

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