Learn About Patient Blood Management

Where to Start

The international Foundation for Patient Blood Management’s charter is to establish, pool, manage, generate, transfer, implement and consult on Patient Blood Management knowledge. This website is dedicated to disseminating Patient Blood Management knowledge. So it’s a good place to start.

Video Teaching Modules

The Foundation has produced a series of teaching videos, or ‘modules’, to help you understand Patient Blood Management quickly.

Why Change the Paradigm from Transfusion to Patient Blood Management? This module dentifies 5 key drivers for change, looks at some of the key literature on the topic and introduces the concept of the Three Pillars of Patient Blood Management. Presented by world leading medical, scientific and economic authorities on Patient Blood Management it is compelling viewing. Total running time is 33 mins.

The Three Pillars of Patient Blood Management reviews the basics behind this concept and shows evidence that Patient Blood Management produces better patient outcomes. Presented in a 30-minute documentary-style format, commentators include renowned heart transplant pioneer Dr. Denton Cooley, Prof. Aryeh Shander from New York’s Englewood Hospital and acclaimed heart surgeon Dr. Manuel Estioko. The video also looks at the world-first Australian Patient Blood Management program, set up in Perth, Western Australia.

Other teaching modules, such as ‘The Perfusionist’s role in Patient Blood Management’ focus on specific areas within Patient Blood Management.

Searchable Articles Database

Patient Blood Management knowledge continues to grow. That’s why The International Foundation for Patient Blood Management maintains and contantly updates a searchable Articles Database for continuing education and research. Organised into over 60 categories or sub-categories, the database enables Health Professionals to read peer-reviewed relevant Patient Blood Management articles in just a few clicks.

Further Education and Research

Other educational resources for Health Professionals include Patient Blood Management guidelines, tools and textbooks – all reviewed for accuracy and relevance by the IFPBM Scientific Associates.

IFPBM Speakers Bureau

Take the Patient Blood Management learning to a new level by engaging qualifed and experienced speakers to present and workshop Patient Blood Management at your instutution. Connect with the speaker of your choice directly through this website in the Speakers Bureau.