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What you should expect from your doctor

Any relationship with your doctor must begin with the premise of mutual trust and a sincere desire to ensure there is positive and constructive communication. You can expect your doctor to give you a clear understanding of your medical problem and the benefits and risks of any treatment being recommended plus any other  treatment options.

You can also expect your doctor to have an awareness of any additional medical problems and aspects of your personal life that may be relevant. Your doctor should also aware of any Patient Blood Management issues.

What your doctor should expect from you

Your doctor will expect that you have understood your medical problem, the recommended treatment along with its associated risks. In addition, your doctor would expect you to have asked any questions to ensure that you have understood the medical management recommendations.

Your doctor should also expect to be made aware of any other broader personal, cultural or social circumstances that may impact on your overall clinican management.

If you want further information or clarification

It may be worthwhile to discuss your situation with your local doctor or family.

 Why Your Blood is Important

“Our own blood is still the best thing to have in our veins”. Tim Frenzel

Why Your Blood is Important

What Your Doctor Should Tell You

Your doctor should make sure you are aware of these important facts.

What Your Doctor Should Tell You

Three simple questions to ask your doctor

If you have concerns that you feel have not been answered or addressed already, you have every right to ask these 3 questions.

Three simple questions to ask your doctor

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