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Prof. Neil Blumberg

Prof. Neil Blumberg

Institution: University of Rochester Medical Center

Specialty:  Clinical Haematology

Academic Affiliation:

  • Transfusion Medicine Division/Blood Bank, Dept. of Path. and Laboratory Medicine

Brief Resume:

  • Director of the Transfusion Medicine Division and Blood Bank of a 880 bed university hospital starting in 1980.
  • BS and MD from Yale University in New Haven, CT.
  • Residency training in laboratory medicine, hematology and blood banking at Yale New Haven Hospital.
  • Particular interest in transfusion immunology having participated in research into the previously unappreciated immunologic effects known as transfusion immunomodulation.
  • Clinical interests in the diagnosis and treatment of immune disorders such as autoimmune hemolytic anemia, autoimmune thrombocytopenia, supportive care for stem cell and solid organ transplantation, and use of use of minimally costly and simple techniques for mitigating transfusion side effects through leukoreduction, use of autologous transfusions and removal of stored supernatant through washing.
  • Our group, co-led by Dr. Joanna M. Heal, MRCP has defined the benefits of ABO identical transfusions through clinical and laboratory research, and described the unfortunate ill effects of transfusing ABO incompatible soluble antigen and antibody. The combined use of leukoreduction, washing and ABO identical transfusions has reduced the mortality of younger patients with leukemia in our setting from 50% to 20% at five years post diagnosis. We have reduced the incidence of platelet refractoriness to close to zero through use of leukoreduction and avoidance of infusing ABO incompatible antigen and antibody. These strategies also reduce side effects such as inflammation, organ failure, transfusion reactions of all types, TRALI, TACO and alloimmunization to red cell antigens. Reducing unnecessary transfusions also mitigates these unfortunate and undesirable consequences of transfusion, including thrombosis.



  • Rochester, USA

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