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Prof. Christian Breymann

Prof. Christian Breymann

Institution: Centre for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Seefeld, Zurich

Specialty:  Haematological diseases in obstetrics, iron metabolism

Academic Affiliations:

Brief Resume:

  • 1996 Research fellow: Mount Sinai Hematology & Nutrition Research Laboratory, New York
  • Since 2003: Research Group Leader, ZKF – Centre for Clinical Research
  • Since 2004: Private medical work, Attending doctor at the Hirslanden and Bethanien Clinics, Zurich
  • Since 2005: Co-Leader of the Zentrum GGS (Centre for gynaecology and obstetrics, Seefeld, Zurich) together with Prof. P. Wyss
  • 2007: Professor at the University of Zurich in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Perinatal Medicine
  • 2009: Academic Board and Committee member of the European Life Sciences and Medical University
  • 2011: Scientific Board member of “Auxocell” Stem Cell Inc., Boston / USA
  • 2011: Honorary Professor, AAU-School of Medicine, Dept. Obetstrics and Gynecology, Adis Abeba/ Aethopia
  • 2013: Co-Chairman of the First European Iron Academy, Spain
  • 2014: Founding member of the International Stem Cell Society, Boston / USA
  • SInce 2014: Director Perinatal Institute Zurich/Hirslanden
  • 2015: External Reviewer of updated WHO Guidelines for the Treatment of Postpartum Anaemia
  • 2015: Member NATA Expert Panel in the field of anaemia therapy in pregnancy and postpartum, Paris/ France
  • 2016: Vice President and Co-Founder of the Swiss Ethiopian Health Professional Association (SEHPA)
  • 2017: Principal Investigator in the Perinatal Stem Cell Banking Project with the “Wyss Translational Center”, Regenerative Medicine, University of Zurich
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  • Zurich, Switzerland

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