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Dr. Angel Augusto Pérez Calatayud

Dr. Angel Augusto Pérez Calatayud

Institution: Hospital General de Mexico Dr. Eduardo Liceaga

Specialty:  Emergency Medicine / Critical Care Medicine

Academic Affiliations:

  • Patient Blood Management Chapter Director COMMEC
  • Secretary SOMETH
  • Academic Co-ordinator COMEOC
  • Adjunct Professor Obstetric Critical Care UNAM

Brief Resume:

  • Specialist in emergency medicine and critical care medicine
  • Head of Critical Care Division in Mexico's General Hospital Dr. Eduardo Liceaga
  • Patient Blood Management Chapter Director for the Mexican Colleges of Critical Care Medicine (COMMEC)
  • Secretary of the Mexican Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasia (SOMETH)
  • Research Committee for the Mexican Society of Anesthesiology in Gtnecology and Obstetrics 2016-2018
  • Adjunct Professor of Obstetric Critical Care Mexican Autonomous Nacional University (UNAM)
  • 3 years working and implementing Patient Blood Management (PBM) in Mexico, in this time has co-ordinated the Mexican National guideliones for PBM with the National Center of Excellence in Health Technology (CENETEC)
  • has worked with the Mexican National health authorities in the implementation of PBM as a Quality Standard for Hospital Certification, promoting alliances with different medical collegesand societies for the academic diffusion of PBM
  • Published with the Mexican College of Anestesiology the Mexican Clinics of Anesthesiology for PBM


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  • Mexico City, Mexico

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